EPC's and Mortgages

EPC’s and Mortages – The Laws in Northern Ireland


EPC’s and Mortgages.

EPC's and Mortgages

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The link between EPC’s and Mortgages varies depending on where you are within the United Kingdom.

Energy Performance Certificates are not just used for selling or letting property.

They are now often required when applying for a mortgage or remortgaging.

The laws in England, Scotland, and Wales state,

“Since 1 April 2020, landlords must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E or higher on all properties being rented out, unless exempt.”

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards within Northern Ireland
EPC's and Mortgages

Internal Rockwool Insulation

This is however not the case in Northern Ireland.
When it comes to EPC’s and mortgages in NI, the only rule is that you need to have one.
There is no minimum value the EPC needs to meet.
All HMO properties within Northern Ireland must require an E rating or above.

While it is possible to sell a property with a G rating. Buyers might find it difficult to get a mortgage.
Some lenders will not offer mortgages to a property below an E rating.

More often mortgage lenders will only lend to Energy Efficient properties.

Green mortgages are designed to offer better rates depending on the energy efficiency of the property.

EPC's and HMO's

Energy Performance Certificates are the perfect tool for visualizing how to improve a property’s energy rating.
Under the section “How to improve this property’s energy performance”
It gives a breakdown of methods and the results of implementing these methods.
It also provides a typical installation cost for potential upgrades.

To check if your property has a valid Energy Performance Certificate.

Click on the link provided and enter the Postcode of the property.

Find an Energy Performance Certificate.

If you do not have an Energy Performance Certificate please feel free to contact us.

We can inspect the property, provide a valid EPC certificate, and offer advice on how to reach the required grade.