EPC's and HMO's

Energy Performance Certificate Ratings in HMO’s

EPC’s and HMO’s

On the 1st April 2019, the Houses in Multiple Occupation Act was introduced in Northern Ireland.
The legislation is to enforce that all landlords comply with new regulations. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a HMO license for each property they own.

EPC's and HMO's

What is a HMO?

“Under the Act an HMO is a building or part of a building that is classed as living accommodation occupied by three or more persons, who are all not members of the same family or of one or other of two families; in specific types of accommodation; with use of prescriptive basic amenities. “

One of the stipulations for obtaining a valid license is for the property to have an EPC with a minimum rating of E. The current average rating for Northern Ireland is D60.

EPC's and HMO's

One way to ensure your property’s compliance is to order and up to date EPC. It is then possible to use the EPC software to model the changes required to make the property complicit. A second EPC will then be completed, to reflect on the Energy efficiency improvements. 

Failure to provide a valid license for each HMO property can result in a fixed penalty notice of £5000. Increasing to £20,000 upon conviction. Belfast City Council are cracking down on rogue landlords. To ensure your property reaches the required EPC rating contact us now for a quote. Or for any information regarding EPC’s and HMO’s please email info@belfast-epc.com.