What do I need to do before my EPC survey?

As a Domestic Energy Assessor I am only allowed and insured to carry out a visual inspection of the property, meaning it is not an invasive survey e.g. lifting floor boards or drilling into walls. To increase the speed of the visit and to assist in the report accuracy, visual access is required for the following property elements:



Access is needed to retrieve the boiler make, model and age. Please ensure that if the boiler is located outside that any padlocks remain open or that a key is provided.

Hot Water Tank/Cylinder

If your tank or cylinder housing/airing cupboard or where ever your hot water is stored, is also used for storage you should remove these items to allow for a full inspection of the cylinder and any pipe works leading to the tank.

Electrical Meter Box

It is essential to be able to identify the correct electrical meter, so full access is required. Please remove any blocking items prior to arrival.

Loft or Floor Insulation

When it comes to insulation it must be stressed, that if I am unable to clearly see and record the depth of insulation, or unless you have written proof that the insulation has been installed e.g. an insulation certificate from a certified company or a sign off letter from building control. Then I cannot enter this information into the report. Therefore to accurately portray the property, it may be required that the homeowner clears and lifts any floorboards in the roof space showing insulation, or consults a tradesman to assist.

When the energy assessor arrives at your property the first task is sweep the area for any health and safety/access hazards, then to map out and measure the entire property, including ceiling heights. The assessor will need access to the entire property, so prior communication, to the property’s residents, of the inspection is advised. Access to the roof space is required and the assessor will bring and use their own ladders where they see fit.

The average property inspection lasts around 30 minutes, but will vary depending on the size or complexity of the building, and the assessor will be happy to show you their recordings and answer any questions that you might have.