SBEM Calculations

Simplified Building Energy Model

SBEM Calculations


SBEM calculations provide an analysis of a buildings energy consumption. It is a tool used to calculate predicted cO2 emissions within commercial property (Non-Dwelling). 

The results of an SBEM calculations will be used to form the basis of an Energy Performance Certificate EPC. Commercial/Non-Dwelling EPC’s are required when a commercial premises is being constructed, renovated or extended. 

SBEM Calculations are often used to show that a commercial premises construction comply with Part F of the Building Regulations in Northern Ireland.

Once a need for an EPC/SBEM Calculations is identified, two separate calculations will need to completed.

  • Step 1 – Design Stage

At the design stage an Initial SBEM calculation will be completed from plans. This is then be submitted to Building Control (responsible body) along with the building application.

  • Step 2 – As Built

The as built calculation is performed when the building construction is completed. The final calculation will incorporate any changes that may have been made during the construction process. 

When the SBEM calcuations are complete the software will produce a rating for the building in question. The rating of the building will be used to see if the building complies with Building Regulations Part L.

If you require SBEM calculations, please make sure you have full plans available for the property. This is important as it will form the basis for the calculations. 

What if the results do not comply with Part F?

When plans do not meet the requirements it is possible to model the building with differing services/ fittings until its is compliant. It may require different insulation levels/ HVAC system to meet the requirements. It may be as simple as a different type of lighting design. We can provide the necessary means to get your building Part F compliant. 

Its never too early to start thinking about energy efficiency when constructing property. Please contact us at any time for more information. Call Christopher on 07870437496 or leave an enquiry here.