Non Domestic EPC – Energy Performance Certificates FAQ’s

Commercial EPC

Since September 2008, is has been mandatory for anyone wishing to construct, rent or sell commercial property within Northern Ireland to have a Non Domestic EPC. EPC is short for Energy Performance Certificate. A valid EPC is required before a property is marketed for sale/rent.  A Non Domestic EPC is a tool commonly used to make comparisons between commercial properties. It will show the difference between a properties energy costs and carbon emissions. 

Who is responsible for obtaining a Non Domestic EPC?

  • If the commercial property is being sold. It is the responsibility of the owner.
  • If the commercial property is being rented. It is the responsibility of the landlord.
  • If the commercial property is newly constructed. Then the responsibility lies with the constructor. The EPC must be delivered withing 5 days of completion. 

Are there any exemptions?

Yes there are a few exemptions.

You do not require a Non Domestic EPC if you can demonstrate the property is: 
  • A Listed Building
  • Temporary Building (To be uses for less than two years)
  • A Place Of Worship, ( Church, Mosque, Synagogue etc)
  • An Industrial Site, Workshop or non residential agricultural building (not requiring much energy)
  • A detached building (with less than 50m2 floor-space)
  • A building which is due to be demolished. Either buy the owner before sale or the buyer after.

Commercial EPC

What is the penalty for not having a valid Non Domestic EPC?

For a non dwelling property (commercial), the penalty is 12.5% of the net annual value, for breach of failing to:

  • make a valid EPC certificate available, free of charge to any prospective tenant or purchaser pf the property.
  • make available a valid recommendation report to accompany the EPC
  • provide a valid EPC on the completion on the sale or rental of the property
  • provide a valid EPC on the completion of a new commercial premises within 5 days to the new owner.

How long is the EPC valid for?

All energy performance certificates EPC’s are valid for 10 years. They can used multiple times for resale or rent within this time period. 

How can I get a valid Non Domestic EPC?

You can get you EPC by contacting us now. Pick up the phone and call 07870437496. Or leave a contact request.