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Energy Performance Certificates 10 Year Anniversary

Energy Performance Certificates EPC Anniversary, 10 Years Old

Here at Belfast EPC were ready to celebrate the 10 year EPC anniversary. The first Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) was produced in Northern Ireland in June 2008. Current legislation states EPC’s are valid for 10 years. Unless there are major alterations to the property which would change the energy efficiency. For example, converting from oil to gas heating. Cavity wall installation of renewable technologies would all trigger a new EPC. 

EPC anniversary

EPC’s have come a long way since their introduction. The amount of data needing collecting has increased greatly. Conventions are constantly changing. Continually updated to comply with modern technology. The energy rating for older properties is ever decreasing. Making less efficient properties less desirable and ultimately profitable. EPC’s can be used as a tool to show where your property lacks efficiency. It also provides recommendations on how to make improvements.  Come the EPC anniversary in June 2018 landlords may find that some of their rentals are no longer legal.


Current Legislation,

Building Control NI have a duty to enforce the requirement for EPC across Northern Ireland. Failure to provide a current and valid EPC may result in a penalty fine. For domestic premises, the penalty is £200 for each breach.

Under this legislation it’s an offense:

  • to market a property without an EPC for rent or sale.
  • for the EPC energy rating symbol,  to be excluded from marketing media. Which is used for selling or renting the property? epc anniversary
  • to make a valid EPC available upon request, to any prospective buyer or tenant.
  • to give a current EPC to the ultimate purchaser of a property.

This means that people that breach the legislation can be fined by getting a Penalty
Charge Notice (PCN). –  Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations NI 2008

EPC anniversary

Student Landlords, Multiple Landlords or small-time investors. With the cost of the majority of EPC prices coming in around £50. Being Valid for 10 years, working out £5 per year. Is it worth taking the risk?

We can provide a valid EPC within 24 hours. Keep your letting legal. 

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