Covid-19, New Procedures for Home Inspections for Energy Performance Certificates

Commercial EPC


In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. We will be making some alterations to how we carry out Energy Performance Certificates. Cooperation on these issues are important to help us reduce risk.

First and foremost if you or any person in your household/ business. Has or have been recently diagnosed with Corona-19, or has recently displayed symptoms. Then you must make me aware before I visit the property.

There are certain measures we can take to reduce the time I need to spend in your property. Its also possible to greatly reduce surface contact.

  1. If I am collecting keys from Estate agent/ client. I will ask them to be placed within a sealed bag. I will have this on my possession. The keys will only be handled with sterile gloves.

  2. Make sure all doors are unlocked and ajar. Including garage doors, if the boiler/ services is located within.

  3. Open the loft hatch and set ladders, if present within the property. If you are not physically not able to remove the loft hatch do not take the risk I will remove it myself.

  4. To reduce personal contact, you wish to vacate the premises during the visit.

  5. I will not be shaking hands with clients.

  6. BACS payments when possible. We are trying to reduce cash payments If you are paying by cheque please have it filled in and made payable to Christopher Smyth.

  7. I have adapted my equipment so I can carry all items at all times. (Bar ladders if needed)

  8. I will wear a new pair of sterile glove for each property visited.

  9. If you have any documents. That will help me complete the Energy Performance Certificate. Please place them on the kitchen worktop/ table where I will notice them.

As full access to all of the property is essential to complete an Energy Performance Certificate, health and safety is paramount.

If I am felling any symptoms of Covid-19. I will cancel all appointments and reschedule after the 14 day quarantine period.

As this whole scary situation is new to all of us. I am going to network with other energy assessors to see if there are any further measures we can take.

We very much appreciate your cooperation. Should you wish to discuss matters further. Please feel free to contact me on Or call Chris on 07870437496.

Many Thanks

Stay Safe

Christopher Smyth