Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates (Non Domestic)


Since 2008 all newly constructed, market for sale and available for rent commercial property must have a valid Commercial Energy Performance Certificate. (EPC)



Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Commercial Energy Performance Certificate



Commercial Energy Performance Certificates are a great tool for showing how energy efficient a building is. It allows owners to improve the energy efficiency of the property. Helping reduce costs and carbon emissions. EPC’s allow potential tenants to compare the running costs e.g. heating lighting of differing buildings.

It is now a legal requirement to have a valid commercial energy performance certificate, before you start to market a property. It is a requirement to make it available to present when a potential tenant is viewing the property.

The Department of Finance is currently responsible for enforcing the requirement for commercial energy performance certificates within Northern Ireland. Failure to supply a valid EPC upon request from an enforcer, may result in a penalty charge notice.


Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

New Commercial Property EPC’s are generally calculated from plans.


Legal Requirement

According to the Department of Finance  

In the case of a dwelling, the penalty is £200 and for non-dwellings it is 12.5% of the net annual value, for each breach of failing to:

  • make available, free of charge, a valid EPC to any prospective buyer or tenant

  • give, free of charge, a valid EPC to the person who ultimately becomes the buyer or tenant

  • give an EPC to the owner of the building not more than five days after the work has been completed

  • make available or give, free of charge, a recommendation report to accompany a valid EPC


When it comes to completing a commercial energy performance certificate, it is much more complex than a domestic certificate. The time to complete and price for a commercial energy performance certificate will depend on the size and complexity of the property.

Commercial EPC

We are currently qualified to complete Level 3 and level 4 EPC’s. If you require a Commercial Energy Performance or are preparing to construct a commercial premises contact us today.

Prices for Commercial Energy Performance Certificates start from £175.00 Call Christopher for a quote 07870437496. Or leave an enquiry here.